Kroger Mural Riverstone Sugar Land Texas. 5' x 15' mixed media on panels.

Kroger Mural - Riverstone Sugar Land Texas. 5' x 15', mixed media on panels.

The Art Uniti mural team includes visual artists Tracey Meyer, Tami Moschioni-Merrick, and Nicola Parente with technical support from Garry Nguyen and Robert Alexander.  Art Uniti was formed in 2017 by Nicola and Tami to create environmental, site specific art in the public realm serving a broader audience.   The mural’s visual artist team members belong to “Art Chatter” critique collective in Houston.  Having lived all over the world, Tracey Meyer settled in Sugar Land in 1997 and has infused a community perspective into our “Community Quilt” mural.  Both a painter and a sculptor, geometric forms play a significant role in Tracey's art, which usually contains an element of social comment.  Tami Merrick is an architect and artist residing in the Washington Avenue Cultural Arts District in Houston. Color field and color juxtaposition inform her practice and her current work focuses on sculpture and color field.    Nicola Parente is an Italian-born American artist interested in engaging the viewer in dialogues about our common human existence and our encounter in the environment. Over the last two decades, Parente's exploration extends from painting to installations, sculpture, abstract photography, and textile design. His body of work seeks to express motion and time through geometry, line and color.
“Community Quilt” is a 3D, geometric mural, which presents a dynamic color field of blue and green, interposed with photographic images. The mural reflects the quilts of Gees Bend by using contrasting, red, yellow and orange linear accent boxes and bars. Artists’ original, photographic images from Sugar Land and Riverstone imbue the mural with a sense of place and local community.  Through a pop art process, contemporary imagery complements the varied, geometric panel heights creating a rhythmical surface texture. The artwork is a team collaboration creating a unique sculptural, contemporary mural celebrating nature and life in Sugar Land. 

Art Uniti Team for "Community Quilt": Tami Moschioni-Merrick, Nicola Parente, Tracey Meyer and Robert Alexander

Kroger Mural Riverstone Sugar Land Texas. 5' x 15' mixed media on panels.

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