Illuminated organic vessel and two cylinder columns woven in an array of rainbow ribbons. A concentric circle painted vinyl skirt is draped with slender upward reaching tree branches and rainbow ribbon feet. The temporal artworks are reminiscent of their current Houston Arts Alliance Grant award at Hermann Park called "Color Bursting Hermann Park" a "Bayou Trails Grant" project
"HAA is Houstons double rainbow, weaving multi-disciplinary arts programs within a culturally diverse artist community. I sincerely appreciate the HAA support that transformed my artistic ideas into public art!"   -Tami Merrick
"Without the support of the Houston Arts Alliance, projects that would have only been a dream now become a reality. Their support has had a significant impact on growth of my art career. For this I am truly grateful"   -Nicola Parente
Featured artists and grantees — Tami Moschioni and Nicola Parente and Magpies & Peacocks (Sarah-Jayne Smith, Ahshia Berry and artist in residence Rene Garza).  Moschioni and Parente were invited to create installations for the Houston Arts Alliance 2018 "An Intimate Evening on Broadway" at Hotel Zaza.  
"Tami and Nicola's artwork are an expression of Houston's cultural diversity and inclusivity"    - Houston Arts Alliance

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